Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing

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Ask Yourself
  • Is life going well but you know there is more?
  • Do you crave a deeper understanding of your life?
  • Have you been the care giver and are you now ready to take care of yourself?
  • Spiritual Healing will make a difference.
Thank you so much for saving my life. It's amazing how you know just what to do.   Karen D.

I wasn't so sure how long distance spiritual healing worked. However, when my dad came out of defib at the exact time you were working on him, I was convinced.   Fran T.

My son had suffered with massive injuries from a car accident. His body just wasn't healing anymore. After you worked on him his body started to heal again. Not only were my son and I amazed but so were his doctors.    Diane D.

Feng Shui is the art of placement of physical objects based on maximizing positive energy flow. Positive energy flow produces improvements in all areas of your life.

Spiritual Feng Shui looks at your energetic interactions with people and with the environment.
  • Do you feel something is holding you back in your life?
  • Do you feel something is missing from you life?
  • Have you felt overwhelmed with your life and wanted to give up?
  • Do you feel there are unwelcome presences in your house?
I have felt many conditions of dis-ease until I put together the system of Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing. Now I want you to feel as great as I feel.

This was the first holiday that I didn't feel guilty from the burdens of my life. It's great to experience joy with my family and everyday activities.   Tom T.

Co-workers are telling me what a different person I am. They say I look like SUNSHINE.   Della R.

I wanted to let you know that I broke down in tears as I told my friend how I thank God for leading me to you. My son had some Autistic tendencies and never connected to anyone until you worked with him.   Mary J.

In my system of Spiritual Feng Shui Healing I incorporate traditional Feng Shui concepts with my central idea that you are the most important element in the Feng Shui equation.

In addition to the harmonious flow of energy through your environment what must not be forgotten is that - how you relate to those around you and to your environment is the most important aspect of your life.

Our bodies are made of energy. Your energy responds in a positive or negative manner to what you put in, on or around your body. Your life?s experiences as well as interactions with others have also created a positive or a negative effect on your body's energy.

An accumulation of negative energetic responses can produce a condition of dis-ease. This condition of dis-ease can manifest itself through a range of physical, emotional and mental disorders.

I am able to see energy. Positive energy is seen as smooth flowing ?rivers? of energy. It feels calm. Negative energy is seen as dark, stagnant or turbulent areas of energy. It feels blocked.

Spiritual Feng Shui Healing will change your life! Just as I have helped dramatically improve hundreds of other lives.
  • I will balance your energy so that you can be at peace with friends and family.
  • I will balance out past life influences that affect your relationships and financial prosperity.
  • I will scan your home or work environment to clear harmful spirits.
  • I will scan your environment to see if there are any "toxic" influences to be dealt with.
All of these changes can be yours. There is no need to feel bad. There is no need to have a hard time living your life. Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing is the answer you have been looking for.

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. After your energy healing session my son's teacher said he was completely different in class. Thank you so much.  Lisa A.

I smile more, am more assertive, bold, honest and feel empowered. I am drawn to women who are more positive and are emotionally available.  Harry B.

I went to my masseuse after my healing session with you and she couldn't believe how loose my neck and shoulders were. I also had a lot of energy, I haven't felt this good in years.  Becky B.

Now is the time to change your life!

Call me for a Healing Session. We can work in my office or over the phone. It is never to late to start on the path of Spiritual Feng Shui Healing. Let me tell you what I see and what I can do to help change your life.

Peace, Happiness & Blessings
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD