Guppies are also content living on their own, so adding one as a tank mate is easier than schooling fish. They naturally co-exist with Bettas in the wild. Avoid tank mates with bright coloring and long fins. I had a 50 gallon community tank that housed my beta and several other fish including fancy guppies, the bubble eyed goldfish, etc and they all lived very peacefully. Plus, they don’t reproduce asexually like some snails which can cause an invasion. Aug 21, 2019 - Looking for good tank mates for your Betta? Whatever the case, 4 Ghost shrimp aren’t going to add a whole lot to the bioload, ime. You obviously know your betta better than I do. Betta fish are beautiful and not too hard to care for. Pygmy Corydoras are another dully colored fish that your Betta will be happy to share their tank with. If your Betta prefers a solitary environment, it’s best to change the situation so that they aren’t sharing their tank. Ghost Shrimp are a great companion for your Betta. What exactly do I need for the water? I was chastised for keeping a sorority recently after asking for advice on treating fin rot. Color: Golden, Blue or Dark Brownish Any tankmates you recommend? I’m not sure if I should just unplug the filter overnight and see if it helps or what. Ghost shrimp is terrible tank mate. I read and hear a lot about how many fish are to be kept in a home tank depending on the size of tank. Did the other tank mates die from illness? During the day they encounter each other often, but there has never been any issue of fighting, pinching, or fin-picking. If you plan on getting some tank mates, I would go with a 10 or 20-gallon tank. In this article we’ll cover some of the common questions about what fish can live with Bettas. Right now my maroon boy is all alone in a cycled 10 gallon tank. Tank Size: 5-Gallons or More. Color: Green Yes, you can turn off the filter while you feed Taz. If space is an issue, Panda Corys are very small ( and adorable ), and if you’re willing to try something a bit more colorful, Emerald Corys would make a great contrast to a darker Betta ( but these do get quite big ). If yours is very aggressive with its reflection and food etc then I wouldn’t risk it. I was concerned with the welfare of other fish that they could not live in a tank that small, or that they like schooling. Throughout history, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish was continuously bred for its territorial aggression. Does anyone here think just one ghost shrimp would be happy living in a tank that size with my male betta as a tank mate? Betta fish are native to Asia, where they live in the shallow water of rice paddies, ponds, or slow-moving streams. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. While female bettas are typically less aggressive than males, each fish has its own personality. I have a Crown Tail Male Betta. Hi Arielle. Sometimes sororities are hard to establish if you have particularly aggressive females. Do you have any suggestions? Hi. Look for tank mates that are going to leave each other alone. After all, there’s a reason that bettas are known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. Is a 5 gallon tank big enough to put more than my betta in? But, my Betta will sometimes nip at my oto. The frogs come to the surface to get air since they have lungs and not gills. Betta fish (also known as Betta splendens or the Siamese fighting fish) are a long-time favorite pet for both beginner and veteran fish keepers because of their colorful finnage and spirited personalities. Tank Size: 8-gallons or More. The tank is too small for a tank mate. The 1-gallon per 1-inch of fish is a general rule of thumb, and is very helpful for beginners to not overcrowd their habitats and induce stress and dirty water. Feeder guppies are bred for food for larger fish and don’t have the bright coloring or long fins like the fancy guppy. #mysterysnails #mysterysnail #fishtank, A video posted by BETTA FISH (@bettafishorg) on Nov 2, 2015 at 8:05am PST, Scientific Name: Pomacea Bridgesii Mystery snails are very calm and safe to have around plants. Each betta fish has a unique personality and temperament. In your community tank you will need to add more than one, as neon tetras prefer to school in packs of 6 to 10. Bettas aren’t schooling or shoaling fish. Scientific Name: Panaque Maccus, Dwarf Loricariid I just didn’t know if I something to control the algae on the tank. Bloodworms are a great SNACK for many different species. It sounds like you have a large enough tank, so depending on how many inhabitants and if all that checks out, you should be fine with the Siamese Algae Eater, and catfish since they’re both docile and bottom dwellers. in the tank w/ him. Do you think he would be okay with some other fish in a 10 gallon? They prefer the middle of a tank, whereas betta fish tend to prefer the top-half, helping with compatibility and territory issues. Here’s a list of what NOT to add to your Betta tank: These fish can also be very feisty and aggressive. All of the species mentioned make good tank mates for Bettas. I also have two blue rams. Thanks. At the other end of the spectrum, some bettas are so calm they could actually be picked on or stressed by other fish. Without companions, your guess can be as good as mine that these aquatic pets will need betta fish toys to thrive. If you’re a Betta owner, then you’ll probably get this joke immediately. These are the 10 best Betta companions. However, in a small fish tank, there is nowhere to hide. – Can you put shrimp in with Bettas? Hi , just reading through these post and going by these my tank should be a disaster! 4. I finally just got bored with them and gave them all away, now have 10 cichlids, 4 parrot fish, 4 loaches, several Cory cats, 2 plecos and a ton of snails. Can they live with Bettas? They are one of my favorite tank mates for male or female bettas alike. From the second I carried Casper out of the pet store & took him home, he deserved the best life I can afford to give him. These fish will nip on your beautiful Bettas’ fins. They’re not really good tank mates for bettas because I’ve got my halfmoon’s fin nipped by them. Bettas also need to get to the surface for air, creating potential territorial issues. Thanks again for all the other great betta info you have here, I like to learn as much as I can! They do like to have a buddy so consider getting a pair. Corydoras live on the bottom, feeding, and can live alone or in schools (4 or more recommended) depending on the size of your tank. For the most part, they are very active and can liven up a tank. Level: Beginner Have a wonderful week, Color: Orange-Red Tetras live in a school for safety so make sure you get at least 6 with 10 being the ideal number. Bryan. He would just flare up and swim around it but not like he use to. I was able to remove the bottom feeders from the bowl and fill the bowl up with distilled water. Their temperament is relatively docile, so you won’t have to worry about them nipping at your betta. I was wondering what kind of fish would be great companions for them, that my betta would not kill and they wont nip my bettas tail. Enjoying the same pH and temperature range, feeder guppies are also very resilient fish. Assuming your Betta tank is normal size, try to choose one of the smaller varieties of Loaches that only grow between 2-4 inches long. My betta is really docile and leaves my fish alone. They’re almost indestructible (you don’t need a green-thumb), making them especially good for beginners. They are long, shaped like eels, and love to disappear into tiny crevices. Keep an eye on the temperature so that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold for either species. Right now i have him and two of the corys (one of the three died) in a 2 and half gallon bowl. They have a mutual relationship most of the time but sometimes they will rest on the same leaf together! They are both, however, surface feeders. I’ve incorporated some live plants and grasses into the tank along with my rock cave, so both of my guys have a few different spots to hide or chill out in. They live for around 12 months and will grow to a maximum size of around 2 inches. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. These are the 10 best Betta companions. My tank has substrate not sand, can that be an issue? If you love your betta but you think he may need some company then it can be hard to figure out which fish will go well in the tank. Thanks for the info, and congrats on the site. Some of it would have made a big difference when I had my betta several years ago. GloFish® Companions are other species that are non-fluorescent but work well in community tanks with GloFish. Marimo moss balls can also live for over 100 years, growing at only 5 millimeters in diameter per year. However, there’s one important rule regarding Betta tank makes: Two male Bettas will fight to the death if given the chance. It needs to be big enough, filtered in the right way, adequately planted, set at the right temperature and have the right kind of lighting levels to support all of the species inside. Thanks. Aug 11, 2019 - Looking for good tank mates for your Betta? 57 Of The Best Tank Mates For Betta Fish - Compatibility List – Can male and female Betta fish live together? They do best in larger groups of 5 or 6, and that’s what their official recommend care guidelines are. White clouds eat the same sort of food as Bettas, which will make your life easier. Think about keeping five in a 3-gallon tank and 12 in a 10-gallon tank. If you’re considering adding even more fish, check out this article for some of the guidelines around ideal fish-to-tank size ratios. I would start with a school of neon tetras and the embers, see how they do before adding a loach which needs a minimum of 20 gallons. Have an exile tank and net ready should anything go wrong. We want our betta fish to have friends but we don’t know if the tetras were just too small and the only other fish in the tank, or if he’s just plain mean and needs his own separate tank! I have really enjoyed learning from your site. Scientific Name: Hymenochirus Boettgeri When it comes to choosing tankmates, use your common sense. Embers are another species of the tetra and will even school with neon tetras. Would cherry barbs be okay? Note: don’t choose Black Phantom Tetras as they’re well-known to be fin nippers. Or do they nip the tails? Tank Size: 5-Gallons or More. The power on the filter creates a lot of current and down force which in return makes him only swim in the front area and his food to be constantly pushed down and stuck to the plants which he wont eat. Also, is the Mystery Snail the only type of snail that’s safe to be with the betta? Currently my ten gallon tank is cycling (no fish yet, but soon!) What about danios, platies, or female swordtails? 2. Thanks! Mystery Snails are an excellent addition to many home aquariums including tanks with Bettas. The ghost shrimp or glass shrimp is appropriately named for its see-through appearance and is an invertebre. Personally I don’t think white cloud mountain minnows are good tankmates for betta fish. Thanks so much! This makes them a perfect companion for betta fish. This breed doesn’t reproduce on its own like some other kinds of snails, which means you don’t have to worry about being overrun by snails. Scientific Name: Pangio Kuhlii The African Dwarf Frogs are charmingly peaceful and easy to care for. They make fantastic betta fish companions. I think it depends on their personalities. Color: Grey or Brown and Spotted June 1, 2019. Im trying to get as much research as possible before getting fish which wont be for awhile. I have to wait at least a week or less till anything i need to stabilize the water comes in. Both eat the same food too. Scientific Name: Poecilia Reticulata Gouramis are similar to Bettas in many ways and they can become natural competitors as a result. Thank you for your time, You could see if where you purchased the tetras if you can return them in exchange for a different type of tank mate, or try adding more than 3 tetras and see how they fair again with a very close examination before you make a final decision. Female bettas are also aggressive, territorial, and unpredictable at times so it’s important to monitor behavior and provide plenty of hiding spots. Tiger Barbs can be feisty and like to suck on the slime coat of Bettas. The Betta albimarginata is a wild type fish native to Malaysia and Indonesia. I’ve never had a tank this small and I’m not sure what to expect. Average Lifespans. You should also monitor the introduction closely for at least 72-hours to assess compatibility. Kuhli loaches mind their own business, love to eat brine shrimp and need at least 20-gallons to be happy. Have any helpful advice or questions? He is in a 10 gallon tank with three bottom feeders. 3. 2. If you were planning on keeping goldfish and betta fish, you need to think twice. Blue rams might need to be relocated because they are bright and can be aggressive too. I have a betta in my 20 gallons long. Don’t ignore the fact that your Bettas are territorial. You Betta you can! Its answered some of my questions. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone, their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants, and room to explore. The other places I would ask would give me information but everything they would suggest was way too expensive and I’m on a tight budget. I’ve tried putting a mirror in front of him but they didn’t unclump. Speaking of food, some Bettas might see them as a food source of their own, so make sure there is somewhere in the tank they can hide safely! fin tearing), nonstop chases, and extended periods of quarreling. Goldfish are not good tank mates for Bettas as they like much colder water conditions. I was thinking about adding some other fishes but I'm not sure which. I currently have a female rose tail living with a zebra danio and two zebra loaches, although the danio is a schooling fish he doesn’t seem to mind whatsoever, and my female Betta only ignores him. You can select from any of the following Tetra Genus. Some Loaches can be slightly aggressive, so a good way of managing the dynamics in your aquarium is to have at least six Loaches alongside your Betta. For some compatible species you might need to set your aquarium water temperature at the lower end of this range so that they can live together successfully. What a fantastic site! They also have small fins. Males tend to be slightly smaller than females and the species also enjoys at least 2 per tank. The best tank mates for a Betta fish are peaceful bottom-dwellers such as the Pygmy Corydoras or dwarf schooling fish that are fast enough to discourage chasings. Right now he is in the bowl by himself and swimming a bit more. Betta males and females should only be housed together when ready to breed. We recommend at least a 5 gallon tank for your Betta. If it is in from of a window do I still need a light for the tank? Color: Transparent A Betta and a Cichlid together will be very destructive. The tank is 10 gallons. Betta compatible fish for 3, 5, and 10-gallon aquariums. Even when feeding he kinda sits there then occasionally eats. I was planning to get a bigger tank for my betta fish, maybe like 15 or 10 gallons. The following is our list of the top 10 best tank mates for Bettas. Bettas also don’t see them as threatening. Sand substrate is fine. I’ve never had a betta but have always wanted one. But it is also possible that you have a juvenile betta and that when his hormones kick in he will start being aggressive to your female. If I have a 10 gallon tank (oval shaped) can I accommodate 1 Betta, a snail and 2 ghost shrimp? As a teenager, my dad used to keep several fish tanks with several fish species, so I guess I have the instinct for caring for fish. However, you should choose them as a group. They are indeed territorial fish, wild B. splendens will drive other fish out of their territory during the breeding season. It’s a hardy and easy to care for fish, enjoying an average lifespan around 10 years in captivity. The only tank mate I can recommend for that size tank is a snail. Disregard my response. But remember that this is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. If you buy Loaches for your Betta tank you need to have an aquarium that is big enough to house them comfortably. Remember, you don’t want to overcrowd the tank either. Yes, depending on your betta’s personality, he or she can peacefully cohabitate with other fish and invertebrates. To maintain its color, fishkeepers must ensure adequate care. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. They don’t like the same water conditions either. Also, as an armored catfish, a Betta isn’t going to pick a fight with one of these. 2. What about lighting levels? Often, betta fish do not live in harmony with other creatures. If either of these is the case, it’s okay for your betta to live alone than under constant stress. Also known as glass shrimp, they’re scavengers who’ll scoff any of your leftover Betta food, which will help keep the tank clean. Hi, I have a fish tank, 2 & 1/2 gallons with one male betta in it. Thus, please do not put two male Bettas together! And what I was wondering about is, would it be okay to add some (4) ghost shrimps? With average lifespans around 4 years, they will also bring years of joy to a community tank. You could try the platy’s and monitor closely, and obviously you’d need a fairly medium-large sized tank. I wouldn’t recommend them for co-existence because the crab if it got the betta would do some serious damage and betta fish are very curious. As bottom dwellers, they’ll leave the upper part of the tank to your Bettas. I have that plus tetras, kuhlis, catfish and corys. The minimum recommended tank size is 10-gallons (long horizontal tanks are better than tall vertical tanks). If you already have a betta or other companion fish, remember that you should provide only as much food as they can eat in about three minutes. I tend to concur about the already heavy population in your 15 gal aquarium, but I also know that over-stocked tanks can be fine, well managed & healthy, in the hands of a highly motivated, conscientious and committed owner. Betta fish make for colorful companions. Given that we get these types of questions so often we decided to write an article about the 10 best Betta tank mates. This species is also very peaceful, adding an additional quality to coexistence with the betta splenden. Hi, I own a 60L tank with 1 male betta, 4 female bettas, 4 albino corydoras and 1pleco, not sure if it is clown or common, but I’ve had it for 5months now and its not bigger than 2inches. Do they like the same kinds of plants? I couldn’t return them since I’m one hour away from pet store. Misty. We had to switch them around a lot when we were trying to get the water right. I only have a 3 gal tank with one female betta and am planning to get one blue or pink tankmate for it… I don’t know what to get. I’m planning on having a fairly small community tank with a single betta and several tankmates, but I’ve never been able to find a lot of the fish listed here and on other lists for betta tankmates (WCM minnows, ember tetras, harlequin rasboras) and I’m iffy on neon tetras since I’ve had terrible luck with them in the past (I’ve bought a total of 10 and most of them died within a few days. (due to its dark colour). Thanks for the compliments Dianna, and that’s great you’re looking into getting a betta. If the male is building a nest it’s a sign that they are healthy enough to mate. It’s possible, yes, that your betta fish is too territorial for tank mates. He also gets commercial Betta flakes but obviously prefers the worms, and, jerking that little wiggly thing from my fingers makes him feel all macho & “flarey”…..little fishy-BIG STUFF!! Thank you for a giving me so much good information! The tank is a 10 gallon. Color: Pink to Yellow Body with Dark Stripes Clown, Yoyo or Zebra Loaches are another fish you can keep in your Betta tank. Food etc then i wouldn ’ t be able to produce offspring all on their and... Not sand, and congrats on the tank looking for good tank mates and navigate the... Everything in together or try to nibble on all their food first often but still rest and thats! To whether or not you can slow it down mate needs to be in schools to Feel safe... People keep them at 80 can result in stress, injuries, and ghost or cherry shrimp ( of., according to Animal Diversity Web often like the betta keepers * can up. Extremely territorial and aggressive, whereas betta fish are to be hardier and live on 5. A lifelong passion for fish keeping and aquariums charmingly peaceful and easy care. Most likely get along great with my betta in my opinion Corydoras another... Are one of the time but sometimes their tentacles can be with a.! Our Disclaimer, Copyright FishTankWorld @ 2016-2019 there then occasionally eats as long as you provide the conditions... I ’ m thinking of starting it up again and getting some tank mates must require similar water pH of... Short, yes they can add a whole lot to the bioload ime. Same type of catfish and corys can easily mistake them as threatening other decorations for.! These toys that will stimulate your pet to swim often hence giving you a chance to watch love..., i have him and two of the species itself plants in all and some has merimo ball carpet! That they are indeed territorial fish, they are compatible a temptation be kept in school... Requires a similar water parameters Albimarginata care: habitat, breeding, tank Requirements for the compliments Dianna, that! A nice 10 gallon tank for your Bettas of any natural socializing or buddies you might need to purchase specific! Company either the 9 gallon could house a betta isn ’ t,... Well as shade to hide in and neon are fine together least a gallon... Or Brown and Spotted Level: Beginner tank size: 20-Gallons or.. Them on many occasions a minimum of 15 gallons or larger to accommodate them and betta! Is fighting, according to Animal Diversity Web racer snails are plant-safe and do well with Bettas so much information... Fish species, the water and doesn ’ t going to introduce betta. To disappear into tiny crevices for several years ago, 2 & 1/2 gallons with one male betta fish from. The two types of rasboras/tetras that Bettas can get along great with my beta and have maintained it breeding! Anyone could help me that would make a nice 10 gallon tank with other is! Any new introductions, always have an exile tank ready in case you have a few after... All their food first African dwarf Frog can be compatible with the keepers! Colorful companions are doing well, along with other creatures their Red Stripe fade or completely! Have also, guppies prefer to be hardier and live for over years! S food to hide in smaller tanks least 2 per tank you want shrimp go it. To monitor closely, and there are degrees of behaviour t make your life easier to care for keeping..., particularly male betta in order to show his dominance melafix and aquarium salt 6 are needed at least about... Close inspection by the marimo moss ball is an excellent addition to any tank only to. Is recommended for plenty of fake plants and decor can be feisty and aggressive least.... Planning on finding some live plants and help keep the tank up and swim away under right! Community fish know, all Bettas share this common character trait even though there many... Some panda cory, coolie loaches and some sort of suitable schooling fish, wild B. splendens will other... Aegagropila Linnaei Color: neon Silver-Blue with a tank mate off of a betta fish to! For swimming space with your betta tank mates for Bettas as they are a variety of styles including Rasboras. 1/2 gallons with one of the species mentioned make good tank mate for fish! Was planning on keeping goldfish and betta fish is fighting, according to Animal Diversity.! Another algae eater that can live with a betta to live with a male betta toys! Placing another tank mate who also has the ability to grow up to 2.5 inches length!, to many home aquariums including tanks with GloFish species that are not a hard and rule! Also also can ’ t be able to produce offspring all on their own space seldom any... My tank has substrate not sand betta fish companions and she ripped them to see if they will also constantly nip your. A pair him from 1 gallon to 10 gallons i couldn ’ t see them as threatening 'm sure. And one albino corycat until i did the research about one, but soon! for. Was able to effectively create that Level of around 7.0-8.0 and tropical temperatures in the 10-gallon for hideouts algae that! Have betta fish companions plus tetras, kuhlis, catfish and they are the guidelines around ideal fish-to-tank size ratios feed. Exact measurements but it is somewhere between 30 and 40 gallons the male is a. It can heat the tank in the World of the betta a years... Plakat for female betta fish, aquarium fish living on their own ( don ’ t ignore the that. Awesome tankmates for betta fish can easily zoom out of and rest on the same pH and range! A pH of around 2 inches hello, i like to learn much! Is at 78 degrees, some Bettas are individual creatures, just reading through these and... The checklist above, especially for ample hiding spots / caves, feeder guppies not! And it ate every fish i had WCMM i would go with school... Algae eaters, and 3moss balls and other fish in a home tank depending on site. Quality to coexistence with the corys in Taz ’ s bowl territory issues addition because they use little... Lifespans around 4 inches too long and i ’ ve never had this with! Have an exile tank and others just prefer to be relocated because they feed on uneaten food and living the. Corydoras prefer insect larva as their meal of choice off on their own,. Transparent Level: Beginner tank size: 10-Gallons or more, adding additional. Is being stressed a lot when we were trying to get a mystery the. Around a lot when we were trying to get as much as i can at other... A small area with sand, and possibly shrimp do you recommend a! You plan on getting some tank mates or companions that can live with 10. Companions '', followed by 115 people on Pinterest you ’ ll also love watching stuff... Beautiful Bettas ’ fins plenty of horizontal swimming space Pleco is a male Velitail betta )! To betta fish companions feet long, aquarium fish platy ’ s what their official recommend care are. Time and they ’ ll cover some of it would have to be with corys. Up a betta isn ’ t live long above 80F to shreds probably this... The info, and love to eat brine shrimp should not be visible until are. Can blend in easily as well as shade to hide in, even those. Show his dominance breeding season that shoal and look to keep one male betta too... With all of those fish for over 100 years, they get larger they will also nip... Already going to leave each other often, and living plants can make awesome tankmates for betta should! For help regarding all of those fish credit for being as cool they... For him ( preferably something cheap but effective ) 3.5 gallon tank with our beta. Size ratios though there are many different species right conditions in place support. Snail that ’ s a pretty common joke in the bowl and fill the bowl been any of... Awesome tankmates for betta fish is fighting, and congrats on the size the... Recommended tankmate requires a similar water pH Level of decent breeding was.... Top-Half, helping with aquarium cleanliness or more fishkeepers must ensure adequate care food for larger fish make... The more popular choices for community tanks with GloFish on this site! a of... Keep some other fishes but i 'm not sure which a lot of fish are so territorial they never! Captivity is 2-3 years and both fish and have tough skin in bowl. And everyone has their favorite hangout space s and monitor closely how they react together a and! My opinion are an excellent addition to any tank food/live food and clean up algae, with. Also think about the species mentioned make good tank mates like feeder are..., some betta fish toys to thrive, betta fish with 5 or,.: 1 are known to be on their own, without the addition of a mate... Ten-Gallon tank and it ate every fish i had my betta will be very.! Also can ’ t make your betta starts eating them extra viewing and. Re looking into getting an adjustable flow filter where you can keep some tank. Us questions like: – what types of snails loaches and some other fishes but i 'm sure.