Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Second time I used butter and sugar on the pans and the cakes slipped out cleanly. With most recipes, I suggest things like honey or maple syrup or, if you can get it, golden syrup however I’m not positive here. Are you sure you baked it long enough? When we cut the cake the inside was underdone, and there was a big hollow space running throughout the whole cake. I have a beautiful 12-cup Kaiserbuss domus bundform pan I’ve never used, and now I have this wonderful recipe I’m going to make for a weekend with the girls. Inspiring cooks and nourishing homes through daily recipes, tips, kitchen design, and shopping guides. I made this yesterday to take to a 4th of July dinner and it was very good and well received. The crust. I recently took a triple to Italy and was trying to replicate my favorite breakfast cake, this comes 99% close!!! A bit scary but it came out in one piece! Oh my I need that in my life. I did it and it worked great, though the cupcake liners were awfully sticky with glaze, which I didn’t think about when imagining these as perfect finger foods. Can’t wait to compare this one. Yours does not call for any. I got 18 regular-sized muffins out of one recipe (the abridged amount). With those two changes this becomes much more of a lemon cake than a tea cake with a bit of lemon. It might work but I think that this pumpkin bread has a similar-ish density/moisture/great crust? Delicious! They were good last evening, but today they are PHENOMENAL. For those who are wondering, the ratios listed (including the salt, don’t worry) are PERFECT. I recommend flouting the pan. See more ideas about quiche recipes, quiche, recipes. And equally unfortunately I have just enough mascarpone left to make it again tomorrow. This was amazing. I only had about 300g of white sugar so I had to make up the difference with light brown and I think it was a very wonderful “mistake”. Wow this is something that is just to my liking. I think I will try it next time in loaf pans. with 2.5T lemon juice. I only have whole plain Greek yogurt. and it was delicious although not nearly as beautiful. My son did the dumping and smoothing this time. Glad the texture was enjoyed. by the way, when I made the cake a second time, I subbed in some fiori di sicilia extract (which I had on hand) for half of the vanilla. Making it again this weekend. It’s delicious!!! Absolutely delicious, though I must admit, I replaced 1/2 of the sugar with Splenda, used 2 t salt and accidentally used “Key Lime” yogurt. After reading comments about saltiness, I only used 2 tsp fine sea salt. I used canola, which is neutral, so I’m sad that it comes through so strongly. This cake is AMAZING!!! Then I put on the glaze and in two places it split apart.The cake is still together. Brilliant idea! It had the most beautifully fragrant, olive oil-y cake consistency. Sooo just made it!! not inedibly so but it tasted almost savory, like I was expecting cheese or something. Yeah. Could I bake this as loaves or (possibly, adorably) as mini-loaves? 3 large eggs Thank you!! This will get a place in my all time favorites list. The glaze goes a long way to help that of course. Resulted in a beautiful, dense cake that was easy to get out of the tin too. So, that’s “right” to me. And I reduced the salt to 1 and a scant half teaspoons of fine sea salt. Could I use canola oil in the cake? It’s been 2 years! And extra zest might have found it’s way in there too. I was a little skeptical because of all the oil and sugar but it is going to be a go to from now on. Seven years ago: Blueberry Yogurt Multigrain Pancakes Lemon cakes are the best! This glaze nailed it; also the cake is perfect and will be a go-to – so simple! It makes a very tender cake. A wonderful cake with that delightful dark crust and perfect sweet/tart glaze. I especially appreciate the metric weight measures. It’s a fine cake to nibble on, but if you’re expecting a “lemon cake” look elsewhere. Then I measured out the needed amount. Would there be enough batter to split it between two pans? No, this works just fine in a 12-cup. Looks delicious! 1 possibility occurs to me: maybe you didnt mix it thoroughly enough. If not — I‘ll cut myself some perfectionist slack and serve it anyway! It had to cook for so long (50-60 mins, i forget..) that the crust does have a bit of the burn taste. Try covering them very loosely with foil or keeping the container lid cracked open. To continue – the we sliced this beautiful cake – it was hollow inside, all around the inside. best hot fudge sauce. It‘s so delicious. I didn’t have any cooking spray, so the first time, I wiped the pan with oil, then tried to sugar it. I just had to try this & I failed miserably. (It’s equivalent in volume to the Ina Garten lemon cake, which has never seemed scant to me in a bundt.) One was heaven and one was too salty, similar to the descriptions above. It was quite lumpy after I added the flour, but baked well. At 48 it was perfection. Thank goodness it was a citrus flavor and not something strange. Ok. I’m a teeny bit frustrated. Best Cocoa Brownies. I’m wondering if per the instructions you gave the batter-filled pan a couple of good bangs on the counter before putting the pan into the oven. Thanks! I make it whenever I can find mascarpone cheese on our remote little island. I also cheated shamelessly because I wanted cake now, and I like more lemon, and who keeps mascarpone laying around, really? But, a weird thing happened. This cake will be in my regular rotation. Hi, I made this with 2/3 Paleo flour from Bob’s Red Mill, but didn’t try the KA Gluten-Free.