For your woven fabrics (straps, suspenders, bracelets, belts, etc.) July 23, 2020. This is appropriate for metals, wood, fabrics and plastics. ultrasonic welding nonwoven fabric machine | Ultrasonic welding plastic machine is widely used in automotive industry, electronic industry, medical industry, household appliances, woven apparel, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry, and so on. Programmable Automation Control Systems (PLC/PAC), Emerson Exchange Virtual Series: Accelerating Digital Transformation, AVENTICS – Product Calculation Pneumatics, Fluid Control & Pneumatics Tools & Configurators, Electrical Construction Materials & Lighting, Residential Construction & Home Improvement. I. Viļumsone-Nemes, in Industrial Cutting of Textile Materials, 2012. and non-woven products (nappies, towels, masks, etc. Ultrasonic slitters cleanly cut and seal the edges of synthetic or blended fabrics, eliminating the disadvantages of hot wire or rotating knives. In the welding process the duration of the ultrasonic vibration was indirectly controlled by the downward displacement of the sonotrode under a constant welding force, normally referred to as displacement-controlled welding .The optimum displacement for each material combination (i.e. Ultrasonic welding uses an acoustic tool called an ultrasonic horn made to match your parts design. We provide low kHz options for items such as diapers designed for both infants and adults. Please contact us for assistance. We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you,  and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you. However, it takes a lot of technology and skill behind the scenes to focus high-frequency vibration into a force that cuts, quilts and bonds with medical-grade precision and reliability. Ultrasonic Textile Cutting for synthetic fabrics is continuously on the rise even in fields unrelated to the textile industry. Compared to other methods, electrical energy consumption is much lower (up to 75% less). We use cookies to guarantee you the best experience on our website. During this process, material is strategically melted by means of ultrasonic vibrations so that a cohesive or form-fit joint is produced. Compared to other methods, electrical energy consumption is much lower (up to 75% less). Laser Finishing For Textile Materials. High quality 800W Ultrasonic Sewing Machine , Ultrasonic Fabric Welding Machine Enviroment Friendly from China, China's leading ultrasonic embossing machine product, with strict quality control ultrasonic fabric sewing machine factories, producing high quality ultrasonic fabric sewing machine products. Cutting and build-up welding . Fleeces and fabrics can be welded onto a moulded plastic part and cut out in one pass. Discover our solutions for ultrasonic cutting and welding for fabrics : SONIROLL module to be integrated and customized machines. ), SONIMAT provides solutions for cutting and intermittent or continuous high-speed welding. Click the X to close this notice. For example, a 20 kHz horn is typically a one-half wavelength long resonant bar, whose molecules are constantly expanding and contracting 20,000 times per second. Fraying, unraveling, or beading along the cut edge is eliminated. For woven textiles (straps, belts, bracelets, veils, technical clothing, etc.) The result is continuous welds without interruption. Our ultrasonic textile solutions provide low energy consumption and eliminate the need for commodity materials such as glue, clips or yarn. It is accomplished by converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion. July 23, 2020. Typically, you can bond materials by using fasteners such as nails, screws or thread. Ultrasonic welding for non-woven fabrics has never been so simple. In addition, ultrasonic welding does not require any consumable such as adhesives or hot glue, avoiding all contamination phenomena. Ultrasonic roll seam welding operates according to the same principle as ultrasonic welding. UPCOMING EVENTS. Our ultrasonic equipments can be used for various cutting, welding, and cauterisation operations. Branson’s DCX Series maximizes power in a minimal footprint with scalable technology and closed loop amplitude control to enhance performance for automated textile assembly systems. Applications that often benefit from ultrasonic fabric welding include medical, military, packaging and where electrical components are included in … Ultrasonic Sewing For Protective Clothing Ultrasonic sewing machine is suitable for fabrics, but most of all, for protective clothing materials. This type of soldering may be applied with 100% synthetic fabrics or blends composed with up to 40% non thermoplastic fibers. Ultrasonic horn stretches and shrinks in length during the welding process like a spring. The ultrasonic welding machine for non woven fabric has a very good performance. The main advantages of ultrasonic textile welding and cutting are the high level and quality of precision, but also productivity gains and the elimination of consumable use. The ultrasonic fabrics welding process is considered to be an environmentally friendly process. They use seamless ultrasonic welding to combine 4-10 filtering materials and PP fabric to create various filter levels (FFP1, FFP2, and N95). When used with cutting edge tooling, the vibration cuts through the fabric and seals the edges of … By selecting a new country/region, product(s) may be unavailable and items in your shopping cart will be removed. Please enable JavaScript to use this website. From disposable medical products to disposable diapers, consider your textile application challenge solved. Our technologies can achieve your precision, quality and aesthetics requirements. Favorite Add to Robert Kaufman - Topia - Flowers - Moss - Cotton Fabric by the Yard … TPI provides fabric welding solutions to fit the unique requirements that our customer’s demand. Clean process: optimal hygiene with no binding products. WE COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION SUBJECT TO THE CALIFORNIA CONSUMER PRIVACY ACT. The sonotrode is rotated along the weld seam. Please contact us if you need assistance purchasing this product in another country. Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. July 23, 2020. ... USM350S Double-Wheels Ultrasonic Sewing Machines Principle A modern ultrasonic welding machine needs performance, flexibility and must easy operate. Some of them include: disposable items, filtering components, outdoors and medical fabrics. Our textile welding experience spans a wide range of consumer good products. Indeed, energy is only used during the actual welding time. Other products such as mattress pads, absorbent household mops, premium auto seat covers and leak-proof filter bags all benefit from ultrasonic technology to create durable seals without consumables or risk of material damage. Ultrasonic ‘Hand-Welding’ units are designed for small or manual welding applications Ultrasonic Hand Welding units 70 kHz The 70 kHz ultrasonic hand welding units are suitable for very small manual welding and cutting operations HW70-3 – Suitable for very small manual welding and cutting operations The technology has tremendous advantages over other cutting methods such as cutting without pressure prevents any The ultrasonic welding technology for plastics is considered part of the melt welding processes. 9.8.3 Use of ultrasound to cut textiles. Ultrasonic Sewing For Garment Our ultrasonic textile solutions provide low energy consumption and eliminate the need for commodity materials such as glue, clips or yarn. Our low kHz options for high-speed, difficult-to-join welds allow us to join together medicated wipes with multiple layers that hold in medicinal chemicals for better wipe-downs and higher purity characteristics.